While the Night Is Still Young

Berkley Hart

For the last two decades Jeff Berkley and Calman Hart have been entertaining audiences with their natural down-home humor and masterfully-crafted songs . Their 10 studio albums have won almost as many San Diego Music Awards. And they haven’t slowed down a bit. In 2016 alone, they put out three albums: “BHST” (with Eve Selis and Marc Intravaia), “A Berkley Hart Christmas”, and “Fleur De Lis”, a powerful collection of 20 songs combining their trademark vocal harmony and unique acoustic style to create a listening experience that is, as one critic put it, “warm and peaceful as a summer evening on the bayou”. Over the years they have also become well-known for their theme-shows, most notably their productions of “O Berkley Where Hart Thou” and a recreation of "The Last Waltz". In 2018, they will celebrate their 20th anniversary with a live performance of their debut album, “Wreck ‘N Sow” and the release of their new album "While The Night Is Still Young." Released in 2000, “Wreck ‘N Sow” was a critical success out of the box, winning the SDMA prize for Best Local Recording and helping Berkley Hart take home the coveted Best New Artist trophy as well. SLAMM magazine said of it, “Sometimes an album surfaces that is so emotionally and musically authentic that it crumbles resistance to its genre.” If early reactions to Berkley Hart's "While The Night Is Still Young" are any indication, that musical authenticity is still alive and well.

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Fleur De Lis

Berkley Hart return with 20 story-rich songs riding on acoustic instruments and downhome vocal harmony.

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A Berkley Hart Christmas

Finally! Berkley Hart has released a Christmas album, putting their unique style on hearfelt acoustic versions of Christmas love songs, fun songs, and classics. If your looking for a warm, light-hearted and sentimental Christmas album, this is it!

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Berkley Hart Selis Twang

A shot of California country rock, a dash of folk, poured over 1970s Harmony that harks back to the halcyon days of Laurel Canyon and the West Coast sound, but with a new found edge.

The cozy metropolis of San Diego, California is home to a wave of enduring singers and songwriters. It's no secret that among those riding the crest are Jeff Berkley and Calman Hart (of Berkley Hart), and Eve Selis and Marc 'Twang' Intravaia (of the Eve Selis Band). Collectively they have won 14 San Diego Music Awards, and Berkley is a winner of the Kerrville New Folk Competition. However, although the two duos have known each other since they were a bunch of green twenty-somethings, their musical paths have crossed only occasionally. Until now. Nobody remembers who suggested it, but in 2013 they decided to get together and write a song, just for fun. They soon discovered that they enjoyed singing together every bit as much as writing together. Voila! Berkley Hart Selis Twang was born. Their new album, eponymously titled "Berkley Hart Selis Twang", combines the country-rock of Eve and Marc with the country-folk of Jeff and Calman to create a fresh sound, rich with vocal harmony and powerful lyrics. From the heart-warming opening track “This Is Home”, to the heart-wrenching ballad “If I Lost You”, to the heart-stopping rocker “Delilah” (“no, no, Delilah, you ain’t gonna cut my hair!”), these tracks are guaranteed to touch and inspire. If you like Crosby Stills Nash & Young, the Eagles, and Linda Ronstadt, you will love Berkley Hart Selis Twang!

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Las Vegas

Intriguing melodies, warm harmonies, clever, insightful lyrics, expert musicianship, and trademark Jeff Berkley and Calman Hart vocals.

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Back by popular demand, the re-release of "Twelve" is now available. The Dallas Observer said of this album, "The men's collective keen eye for the stories that happen in the expansive spaces we variously call home shines through in the songwriting, which

Expertly combining the playful with the poignant, the duo's third album, Twelve, released in March, 2004, represents the range that Berkley Hart are known for. The duo return to the more organic, acoustic sounds of "Wreck 'n' Sow" but keep the rougher edges that gave "Something to Fall Back On" its unique quality. Self-produced and recorded entirely in a home studio, the record, like its title, reflects a cycle that brought them back to their pure skills, with songs and sounds that truly represent their style. Players on the album include return appearances by Nucci, Ben Moore and Clark Stacer, but joining the crowd are top-notch musicians such as Doug Pettibone, AJ Croce, Dennis Caplinger, Duncan Moore, James East, David J. Carpenter and Eddie Cunningham.

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Something to Fall Back On

"Longtime fans will find the same warm harmonies and top-notch songwriting that have been staples of the duo since its inception, though here played primarily on electric guitars and bolstered by an ace group."

In 2002, Berkley Hart released their second album, Something To Fall Back On, and made a return trip to the San Diego Music Awards, taking home the title Best Adult Alternative album. Berkley Hart kicked it up a notch for this effort and brought together a full band for a complete rock 'n' roll experience without losing their folk roots. Relix Magazine proclaimed, "The band infuses its rich, harmony-laden songs with strains of bluegrass, folk, country and rock...while...their solid and finely-crafted songs are a good melding of yesterday and today." And the German-based Home-of-Rock.com touted, "'Something To Fall Back On' is a masterpiece in today's roots and Americana rock music. Excellent musicians play...outstanding songs with wonderful harmonies and great instrumental arrangements."

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Wreck 'N Sow

A perfect soundtrack for driving America's blue highways -- acoustic folk-country-rock, poignant storytelling, and beautiful harmony.

Released in 2000, “Wreck ‘N Sow” was a critical success out of the box, winning the San Diego Music Award for Best Local Recording and helping Berkley Hart take home the coveted Best New Artist trophy as well. SLAMM magazine said of it, “Sometimes an album surfaces that is so emotionally and musically authentic that it crumbles resistance to its genre.”

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