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Released 2004
Released 2004
Back by popular demand, the re-release of "Twelve" is now available. The Dallas Observer said of this album, "The men's collective keen eye for the stories that happen in the expansive spaces we variously call home shines through in the songwriting, which
Expertly combining the playful with the poignant, the duo's third album, Twelve, released in March, 2004, represents the range that Berkley Hart are known for. The duo return to the more organic, acoustic sounds of "Wreck 'n' Sow" but keep the rougher edges that gave "Something to Fall Back On" its unique quality. Self-produced and recorded entirely in a home studio, the record, like its title, reflects a cycle that brought them back to their pure skills, with songs and sounds that truly represent their style. Players on the album include return appearances by Nucci, Ben Moore and Clark Stacer, but joining the crowd are top-notch musicians such as Doug Pettibone, AJ Croce, Dennis Caplinger, Duncan Moore, James East, David J. Carpenter and Eddie Cunningham.